During these very hot days, your only desire is to go to the beach! A few weeks ago, I wrote about five splendid Sicilian beaches. Here are five more!

Beach of the Marchesa

Not far from Syracuse, between the towns of Avola and Noto, we find this beach which takes its name from the Marquise of Cassibile (it is also known as Spiaggia del Gelsomineto, jasmine grove beach). We are near the mouth of the river Cassibile, the fine sand of the beach is bordered by a pine forest and, on the right, leaves room for a short rocky stretch where caves open up. Quiet and sheltered.

Belice reserve beach

On the southern coast of Sicily, this beach of soft and golden sand dunes stretches for miles on either side of the mouth of the Belice River. If you enter from Marinella di Selinunte you will find equipped beaches and a bar-restaurant. If, on the other hand, you choose to enter from the central entrance, where the railway once passed, you will find a wilder and more solitary beach. Thus you can choose what fits you best.

The Tonnarella dell’Uzzo

It is one of the small, wonderful coves of the Zingaro reserve, the only stretch of the Sicilian coast that has never really been touched by concrete. It extends for about seven kilometers along the Gulf of Castellammare del Golfo. To get to this and the other coves you need to walk along a thin dirt path surrounded by the colors and scents of the Mediterranean scrub. A mask is essential to observe the seabed.

Punta Cirica

In the so-called Ragusashire, in south-eastern Sicily, the coast is mostly low and sandy, with long stretches of dunes covered with vegetation. The beaches are wide and easily accessible, I’ve chosen to write about that of Punta Cirica because of the presence of a series of low promontories, sheltered by a breakwater. The rocks create small pools of transparent water. An amazing place!

Beach of Torre Salsa

Last but not least, there’s the province of Agrigento. We are in the Siculiana area, the beach is located within a reserve. Long and sandy, it is bordered to the west by a rocky area in which flat rocks shape natural pools. A little further on, a white marl wall stands out on the water, like the bigger one in Scala dei Turchi. The beach is free, you need to bring everything you need for the day.

The opening photo and that of the Beach of the Marchesa were kindly provided by Luca Scamporlino