Although the calendar states that we are in spring, summer has definitely arrived and we all want to be outdoors, to go to the beach! But where? Here are five unmissable beaches in Sicily.

Minareto Beach

Plemmirio is the ancient name of the Maddalena Peninsula, the tongue of rock that closes the Porto Grande of Syracuse to the south. The Marine Protected Area preserving this area is called Plemmirio and here we find, among others, the beautiful beach of Minareto, flanked by the rocky ridges of Punta Castelluccio. Not very large, the beach is bathed by transparent water that allows you to discern the beds of Posidonia that grow in quantity under the surface. On Punta Castelluccio, you can still see the signs of the activity of the quarrymen who, from here, easily extracted blocks of limestone that then were easily sailed to Ortigia.

The beach of the lakes of Marinello
One of the Marinello lakes

Today they’re in a way, tomorrow who knows. The shape of this low sandy beach, at the foot of the Tindari promontory, changes due to the wind and currents, making it one of the most scenic on the Tyrrhenian coast. The brackish lakes, which formed about a century and a half ago due to the sinking of the seabed, are like natural pools.

A view of the lakes with the promontory in the back

Children (and not only them) will love them! You can get there by boat or by walking for a while, the place is definitely very beautiful, also thanks to the view of the Aeolian Islands and of the sanctuary of the Madonna that stands out on the promontory.

Isola Bella beach
The beach of Isola Bella with the rocky pools

In summer it can be quite crowded, also because it is not very big, but this beach, at the foot of Taormina, is truly a dream. It is composed mainly of white pebbles smoothed by the water, and it can be reached by descending a flight of stairs that leads straight to a bathhouse with a restaurant.

A view of Isola Bella

Beyond the structure (where those who want to be more comfortable can settle down) you arrive at the free beach, where the pebbles crumble into smaller ones and finally become sand, creating a white tongue that reaches the islet. Shallow waters and rocks even create natural pools of clear water.

Solette Beach

The first time I saw this beach I was enchanted. It is located at the foot of a vineyard (from which grapes with a unique flavor are obtained, used for Mandrarossa wines) and you have to walk a little, to get there, starting from the port of Porto Palo di Menfi or from a path that runs just beside the vineyards. The area is protected and therefore rich in Mediterranean vegetation, small animals, and birds. A wild dream.

Beaches of Piscità
Lava beach at Piscità

On the northern side of Stromboli, they are volcanic beaches, originating from the accumulation of sand and lava pebbles and interspersed with rocky tongues that are nothing more than solidified flows. They are easily accessible (in high season they can be a bit crowded), the white and blue houses built nearby add a scenographic touch to the whole. Although it is not blue, due to the color of the seabed, the water is still clean and crystalline and is perfect not only for swimming but also for snorkeling.