Luoghi e leggende, miti e santi, cibi e personaggi della Sicilia

Millions of islands in one

If you search for “Sicily” on the Internet, millions of results will come out. One hundred and forty-seven, to be exact. So it is quiet difficult to presume it is possible to write something new and different. Yet I have met people who, after reading one of my articles, have told me that I succeeded to tell them something they didn’t know.

So here is my page on Sicily, where I’ll put together stories, episodes, people, places, legends, traditional feasts, myths, music and much more that will come to my mind.

Obviously I’ll also tell you about food because, when you visit a place, one of the best ways to get to know it is to eat the specialties of the local cuisine. And in Sicily when it comes to cooking, an entire world opens up!

Sicily is an island, a large and ancient one. You never stop discovering it.

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